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Dog and Bear: I’m Bored

April 21, 2020


“I’m bored.”

Dog and Bear couldn’t think of anything to do.

After their big job helping Mom, they were out of ideas.

Then it hit them – let’s call our cousins.

Ring.  Ring.  Ring!


“Hi!  This is Bear.  Dog’s here too.”

“Hi!  I’m glad you called,” said Aunt Lucy.  “I suppose you want to talk to your cousins.”

“Yeh, can we talk to Fliam and Bulia?”

“You sure can.  They’re right here.  And their other cousins, Mala and Bamaliese are here too.  You can talk to them if you want,” said Aunt Lucy.


Aunt Lucy passed the phone to Fliam and Bulia.


“What are you up to?” asked Dog and Bear.

“Not much.  Just doing games and homework,” answered Fliam and Bulia.  “Whatta you guys doing?”

“We’re busy helping Mom.”

“You are?  Really?  What are you guys doing?”  Fliam and Bulia were super surprised.

“We helped with washing dishes.  And Mom really likes it when we do stuff like that,” answered Dog and Bear.  Then they went into all the details.

IMG_6229   Liam Clark

Soon, Mala joined the conversation.  “Do you guys get to do any fun stuff?  Or are you busy just doing chores?”

“Yeh, we have fun too.  But, we’re trying to do nice stuff to help Mom.”  Dog and Bear then heard some horrible noise.  

“What’s that terrible sound?” asked Dog.

Calla Bates Annie playing the piano

“That’s Bamaliese playing a song on the piano,” answered Mala.  “She kind of likes to play it loud.”

“She’s pounding the piano so hard it’s giving me a headache,” yelled Fliam.  “I wish she would go over to your house.”

“No, I don’t want here to go!” exclaimed Bulia.  “We’re gonna play in a little bit.”

“You guys be quiet!!” screamed Bamaliese.  “I’m practicing my song and trying to concentrate.”

Dog and Bear paused… then said, “Nice talk’in to you.  We gotta go.  Bye, bye.”

Dog and Bear looked at each other and smiled.  They really liked their cousins.  But, sometimes they liked to make their own fun.

(You won’t believe what happens next!)

Dog and Bear: Getting Started

April 19, 2020

Dog and Bear: What should we do to help?

Dog and Bear sat and enjoyed the after-effects of a good meal.  They were filled up, happy, content and… 

“Mmmm, that was the best pusgetti,” said Dog.

“Sure was.  Mom sure knows how to make super good stuff,” responded Bear.

“Yeh.  I’m kind’a tired, I might go take a rest,” yawned Dog.

Bear thought a moment then suggested, “I’m tired too, but I think we should do something nice for Mom.”

“Like what?”

“Let’s think… what would she like us to do?” asked Bear.

“I dunno,” said Dog.

“I got it!  Look at the dirty dishes!  Let’s wash the dishes,” said Bear.


Dog and Bear were soon busy doing dishes.  They were a bit small for the task, but they didn’t let that stop them.

Mom walked in as they washed dishes.  

“My, my.  Look at you two!  Thank’s so much for all your help.”


She gave them big hugs then went to the other room.

Dog was first to speak.  “Wow, I think Mom was really happy to see us help!”

“Yeh, she sure was surprised to see us doing dishes,” observed Bear.

“I know.  And it didn’t take that long.”

“Sometimes the hardest thing is Getting Started.”

(What could possibly happen next?)



Dog and Bear: Tell the Truth

April 11, 2020

Dog and Bear and the Calm World Outdoors

Dog and Bear stared out the window looking at the calm world outdoors.  But, their insides were not calm.  They couldn’t face Mom.

“Mom, it sure looks like a nice day,” observed Dog.

“Yeh, the grass is sure green and the flowers are pretty… I think your flowers are the most pretty flowers on the whole street!” exclaimed Bear.

Mom appreciated their kind thoughts.  But, she knew more was going on with her two children who were busy looking at flowers.

“You two seem to be in a curious mood.  You don’t usually notice my flowers and talk about how nice the yard looks.”

“Well… today we’re taking time to notice all the nice things you do,” responded Dog.

“Yeh, we don’t always take time to say nice stuff,” parrotted Bear.

The Evidence

As Dog and Bear laid on the compliments, Mom looked on the floor nearby.  Right there on the floor, right by the cabinet door where the trash can is stored… a candy wrapper.

Mom remained quiet.  She knew this was an Easter candy wrapper.

Meanwhile, Dog and Bear grew uncomfortable.  They were not accustomed to doling out compliments.  They were more interested in playing and EATING.  And they were always ready for candy.  But now, the idea of candy, or any kind of food, didn’t seem the least bit appealing.

Dog and Bear felt guilty.  And the more they talked, the more their guilt increased.  And, the longer it was quiet, the more their guilt increased. 

Camel following us from a Bedouin camp

Mom was soooo kind.

They soon could no longer handle the weight of their guilt.


“What?” asked Mom.

“We have something to say…”

“What is it?” asked Mom.

“We ate a bunch of Easter candy without asking.  We didn’t mean to.  But, it was so good.”

“I know,” said Mom.

“We’re really, really sorry.”

Mom hugged Dog and Bear. 

The room was filled with kindness and forgiveness and love.

“Dog, Bear, are you two getting hungry?” asked Mom.

“Yeh!  We’re starved!” shouted Dog and Bear.  

All was right with the world.  

+ Best wishes for a time of kindness and forgiveness and love. +

Happy Easter from Dog and Bear





Dog and Bear: The Candy Caper

April 10, 2020

Dog and Bear: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

When Dog and Bear laid down they only intended to take a short rest.  As it turned out, they took a huge nap.  They forgot all about the helpful MOST PERFECT IDEA EVER.

I guess that’s no surprise.

Finally, Dog woke up.


Dog reached over and shook Bear. 

“Bear, are you awake?” asked Dog.

Bear rubbed his eyes with his paw and looked at Dog with a grouchy face. 

“I am now,” Bear grumped.

“Let’s get up.  I’m starved!” said Dog. 

He jumped out of bed then called out to Bear… “How ’bout we go get some candy!” 

Dog and Bear: Candy Time

Dog took off like a rocket for the kitchen.  While Bear was not quite ready to get up, he didn’t trust Dog all alone with the Easter candy basket. 

The thought of Dog and all that candy – and no witnesses –  was all the motivation that Bear needed. 

Bear jumped out of bed and was rocket number 2 heading for the kitchen.  They both grabbed candy, peeled open the wrappers and wolfed down the yummy chocolates.  It was SOOOO good.  Then a thought hit Bear.  

“Dog, I think we were supposed to get permission before we ate the Easter candy,” said Bear.

“Well, Mom said it was our candy,” replied Dog.

“Yeh, I know.  But, I thought she wanted us to get permission first, before we ate the candy.  She didn’t want us to spoil our appetite.”  

“I always have a good appetite!” Dog reminded Bear. 

“I know, but you know what Mom said,” replied Bear.  Bear was speaking the truth and Dog knew it.  


“I suppose she said that… I know, let’s quick hide our candy wrappers in the trash.” 

Dog had an idea that would get them out of the jam. 

They both quickly gathered all the wrappers and put them in the trash.  As they finished they heard Mom approaching so they quickly went to the window and looked out at Mom’s flowers.

“Mom, you sure have puuurtty flowers,” said Dog with a big smile.

“Dog, Bear, what have you been up to?”

(What is going to happen next?)


Dog and Bear: Time to Eat

April 8, 2020
Camel following us from a Bedouin camp

Mom was soooo kind.

Dog and Bear now had the MOST PERFECT IDEA EVER dreamed up by anybody!


“Dog, Bear, it’s time to eat,” called out Mom.

“OK!  We’ll be right there,” they responded.

The only thing better than the MOST PERFECT IDEA EVER was FOOD!  They were starved, they just didn’t notice it because they were so busy with their research on the computer.

Dog and Bear ran through the house like a whirlwind and they were at the table in a flash.

“Wow!  You two must be hungry the way you got here in about ONE second!” exclaimed Mom.

“Yeh, I’m super hungry!” said Dog.

“Me too,” said Bear.  Then he got a little sentimental.  “Mom…”

“What is it Bear?”

“You’re the best cooker ever,” said Bear.

“Well, thanks.  I’m glad you think so,” said Mom.  She turned her head briefly because she was about to tear up.  Her Dog and Bear meant the world to her and they were like little gifts from heaven, even if they were a bit rowdy at times.

Dog and Bear: Lunch is Served

Dog had to get in on the “be nice” routine too.  With his recent disaster, he knew he needed to step up with some nice words.  So he said the first thing that popped into his head. 

“You know Mom, with all your curly hair you look really good, just like Aunt Lucy.”

“Well, thank you, Dog.  We are sisters you know.”

Enough of the small talk, it was time to eat!  They gobbled their food like they hadn’t had a bite to eat in 3 days.  Soon their little tummies were full, really full.

Dog and Bear did have great intentions.  They were going to begin work on the MOST PERFECT IDEA EVER.  But…

“I’m really tired,” yawned Bear.

“Me too,” replied Dog.

“Let’s just rest for a few minutes.  Then we can get started on our idea.”

“Yeh, I’m really tired.”

Dog and Bear: In Dreamland

The bed and pillow did their magic.  Dog and Bear were in dreamland.

(The Adventure continues)


Dog and Bear: What Next?

April 7, 2020

Dog and Bear doing their homework

“I don’t think Mom was too happy with all that noise we were making,” said Bear.

“That’s for sure,” replied Dog.  “But, she said she was glad we were trying to help.”

Dog and Bear were perplexed. 


Bear likes the mouse

Bear summed it up perfectly.  “I just don’t get it.  Mom wants us to help.  But, she doesn’t like all the noise, she doesn’t want us to have fun, she doesn’t want us to jump around, she doesn’t want…”

Dog interrupted with his frustration.  “Yeah.  She seems to think all we do is make messes and make disasters.  She didn’t hardly notice I put 5 plates on the top shelf before I fell.”

“And she didn’t even ask if you were OK.  You could have really been hurt when you fell.”  Bear sympathized and Dog was happy.

Dog and Bear could sometimes argue and get upset with each other.  They sometimes had trouble sharing.  But, they were brothers and best friends.  They were a TEAM.


Dog likes to use his nose

“I think we need to find some ideas that are quiet,” said Dog.

“Yeah, ideas that Mom would like.  And ideas that are fun.”

“And stuff that is easy to do.”

Dog and Bear scoured the internet through and through.  They first zeroed in on ideas that were “fun” and “easy.”  But, there was a major complication to this search.  Mom would need to like it.  So, it should come as no surprise – they weren’t finding much.  They knew the internet had the answer for just about anything.  They just had to keep looking…

Dog said, “let’s look on Youtube.  I bet there’s lots of ideas on Youtube.”

Bear, in a rare sign of maturity, differed.  “We better not get on Youtube.  Or Facebook.  We’ll get sidetracked and start watchin’ crazy stuff… and we need to find something Mom will like.”

Dog decided Bear was right and it was time for a confession.  “You know… Mom got upset and all… with me acting silly… I suppose I was getting a little bit too careless.  I should probably be more careful when putting away dishes.”

Bear said, “We’ll do better next time.  Let’s keep lookin’.”

They were on a quest.  A quest for the great idea.  Then, all of a sudden…

“I know, I know, I know!!!!  This is the MOST PERFECT IDEA EVER!!!  Let’s …”

(The adventure continues)


Dog and Bear: One the Quest for the Perfect Idea






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