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Dog and Bear: Teamwork

April 6, 2020

Dog and Bear: What should we do to help?

“Aunt Lucy said we should be helpful,” said Dog.

“Yeh.  I know, I know.  What’da you think we should do?” asked Bear.

Dog answered.  “Uh… see the dishes in the sink?  I think they’re clean.”

“How do you know for sure they’re clean?”  inquired Bear.

‘They look shiny.  I guess they’re clean.”  Dog did not always think things through.  

“Maybe we should put ’em in the cupboard.”

“That sounds like a GREAT idea!”

Dog and Bear jumped up and started their first good deed.  They knew the plates went on the top shelf and they were ready to go!  They couldn’t reach the top shelf so they needed to be creative.  And Aunt Lucy said they should be creative.

Dog and Bear: Teamwork

Dog opened the toaster oven door and used it to climb to the top of the oven.  Then Bear got on the door.  Bear handed a plate to Dog then Dog stretched to put the plate on the high shelf.

It was a GREAT plan!

What could go wrong?

Everything went smoothly for a few minutes.  But, it should come as no surprise, Dog and Bear could easily lose focus.  

Dog started to act silly.  He hopped on one foot, then reached into the air and pretended to catch birds, then closed his eyes.  Anything for a laugh.

Bear thought it was time for a joke.  

“Dog, would you like to hear a cat joke?”

“Yeh!  Tell me.”

Bear began.  “An old man lived way out in the country, back in the woods.  He lived all by himself.  Well, almost…  He also had 10 cats and a rowboat out on a nearby lake…”

“When are you gonna tell the joke?” interrupted Dog.


“Just hold on and listen…  One day the old man decided to take his 10 cats for a boat ride.  The cats got into the boat and he rowed the boat onto the lake.  Then one of the cats jumped right out of the boat!” said Bear.

Dog laughed.  The joke was getting better.

Bear asked, “So, how many cats were left in the boat?”

“Euh, let me think.”

Bear pushed him to answer.

“9 cats were left!” shouted Dog.

“Nope.  None were left.  They were all COPY CATS!” said Bear.

Dog laughed and LAUGHED!

Dog laughed so hard he tumbled off the top of the oven.


Dog and Bear: Losing Focus

“Dog!  Bear!  What on earth are you two doing in there?”

“Nothin’ much,” came the meek reply.

Mom was in the other room but it seemed she had a magic radar.  She always knew when they were acting up and she was not too happy with the racket they were making. 

(To Be Continued)


Dog and Bear: Do Good Suff

April 5, 2020

Aunt Lucy the Llama

Ring!  Ring!

“Hello,” said Bear.

“Hi, this is your Aunt Lucy.”

“It’s great to hear from you Aunt Lucy!”

“What are you and Dog up to?” asked Aunt Lucy

“Oh, we’re keeping busy.  You know…”

“Are you two really busy?  Or are you just being lazy and watching TV?”

Aunt Lucy was one smart llama.  She knew Dog and Bear could turn on the TV and lose track of time.  They would start their day with a cartoon, then watch the news (maybe), then watch a show on the History Channel, then a ball game, then a Lego Movie, then a Hallmark movie, then some crazy stuff on Youtube and on and on and on.



Dog and Bear’s idea of busy. 🙂

“Aunt Lucy, we’ve been pretty busy,” protested Dog.


“Ooookaaa.  You’re right.  But, with this Covid-19 pandemic, we can’t go outside and play with our friends.  It’s just boring.”

“I know it’s hard.  But, you two need to get busy.  There’s stuff you can do in the house.”

“Like what?” protested Bear.

“Think hard.  What can you do around the house that keeps you busy?” suggested Aunt Lucy.

“I dunno,” replied Dog and Bear. 

Sometimes Dog and Bear could be very creative.  They would build tents in the basement with sheets, they would draw pictures and make little books, they would help their Mom and Dad… they found many things to do.

Other times they were lumps on a log.

“Dog and Bear, if you can’t think of anything, I’ll give you some ideas.  The first one…  do you want to know what it is?”

“Yeh, we do!” shouted Dog and Bear.

“Be helpful.  Do something good around the house to help,” suggested Aunt Lucy.


“You heard me.  Be helpful.  Do something nice and then we’ll talk.  I’ll give you some fun ideas.”


Dog and Bear got up and started to…

(To be continued.)



The Adventures of Dog and Bear

April 4, 2020


Hello!  We are Dog and Bear.

We heard that some of you were getting bored and restless.  All this time off from school sounded fun – at first.  Now you are wondering what to do with yourself.  Am I right?

And some of you adults are dealing with stresses.

Some of you – Dr. Mike and Nurse Megan – are dealing with healthcare stresses.  Mike, working in the Emergency Room has got to be crazy with the long hours and never ending stream of people with serious problems.  And Megan, we know it can be stressful as people continually come to your office.  We hope you both stay healthy through this time of the virus.  And THANK YOU for the important assistance you give to those in need.

Some of you are dealing with the stresses of working at home, getting food, recent surgeries, no Starbucks…  We wish you the best as you meet the challenges during this time.

We decided to help you through this time with some fun stories.  Stay tuned for our first story of “THE ADVENTURES OF DOG AND BEAR“.

Your friends,

Dog and Bear


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Please share with your friends, young and old.  I hope they like the stories!


Texas Color

November 18, 2014


This past Saturday I decided to mow and bag leaves in the yard.  I worked in the yard a couple of hours and got it ship-shape.  It looked really nice.  Just as I finished, snow flurries filled the air.  Before long we had a couple of inches of snow  plus wind chills around zero!  Brrrrrr!

I know, I know… I live in Iowa so what do you expect??  But it doesn’t seem right to mow, bag leaves and shovel snow all on the same day.  Ugh.


So, I am revisiting Texas (we were there in October) with these photos.  We will have flowers and all of this color in Iowa… sometime next April.  🙂




Say “Hello” to the Animals

November 7, 2014


Some of my friends from Dallas wanted to say “Hello” so I agreed to send their greetings your way.

Our recent trip to the Dallas Zoo provided a great hike and offered us an opportunity to see some amazing animals.  The large areas the animals roamed in were impressive.  The day was perfect (mid-80s) and the animals were out and about.


Mr. Gorilla taking a morning stroll after a yummy meal.


The giraffe enjoying a snack.  She really likes her veggies and said it was finger licking good!


Taking a walk is an important aspect to healthy living.  Here we find the ladies of the zoo (yes, all the elephants were females) taking a stroll.  They actually were coming to get some fresh apples.   They are well cared for and like to interact with the crowd.  The elephant in the background was injured many years ago and is still moving about in her mid-40s.  She would never have survived this long in the wild.

Our time at the zoo was awesome and my friends hope you enjoyed their story. 🙂

Recalling Summer Colors

October 1, 2014


October is here!  And we all know what that means…

The leaves change color – then they fall.

The nights get colder – then one morning the grass is white with frost.

And we dig out the sweatshirts and coats.


I’m not ready to say goodbye to summer.  But, the clock is ticking and the sun disappears earlier and earlier.  Fall is here and we know what comes next.

Before all that happens, I want to revisit the colors of summer.  These photos come from the Iowa State Fair.  I had a small camera that day so the quality may not be the best.  But, the photos bring back nice memories of that day.

And not to worry… I really like the colors of fall.  And the stark days of winter.








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