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Dog and Bear: I’m Bored

April 21, 2020


“I’m bored.”

Dog and Bear couldn’t think of anything to do.

After their big job helping Mom, they were out of ideas.

Then it hit them – let’s call our cousins.

Ring.  Ring.  Ring!


“Hi!  This is Bear.  Dog’s here too.”

“Hi!  I’m glad you called,” said Aunt Lucy.  “I suppose you want to talk to your cousins.”

“Yeh, can we talk to Fliam and Bulia?”

“You sure can.  They’re right here.  And their other cousins, Mala and Bamaliese are here too.  You can talk to them if you want,” said Aunt Lucy.


Aunt Lucy passed the phone to Fliam and Bulia.


“What are you up to?” asked Dog and Bear.

“Not much.  Just doing games and homework,” answered Fliam and Bulia.  “Whatta you guys doing?”

“We’re busy helping Mom.”

“You are?  Really?  What are you guys doing?”  Fliam and Bulia were super surprised.

“We helped with washing dishes.  And Mom really likes it when we do stuff like that,” answered Dog and Bear.  Then they went into all the details.

IMG_6229   Liam Clark

Soon, Mala joined the conversation.  “Do you guys get to do any fun stuff?  Or are you busy just doing chores?”

“Yeh, we have fun too.  But, we’re trying to do nice stuff to help Mom.”  Dog and Bear then heard some horrible noise.  

“What’s that terrible sound?” asked Dog.

Calla Bates Annie playing the piano

“That’s Bamaliese playing a song on the piano,” answered Mala.  “She kind of likes to play it loud.”

“She’s pounding the piano so hard it’s giving me a headache,” yelled Fliam.  “I wish she would go over to your house.”

“No, I don’t want here to go!” exclaimed Bulia.  “We’re gonna play in a little bit.”

“You guys be quiet!!” screamed Bamaliese.  “I’m practicing my song and trying to concentrate.”

Dog and Bear paused… then said, “Nice talk’in to you.  We gotta go.  Bye, bye.”

Dog and Bear looked at each other and smiled.  They really liked their cousins.  But, sometimes they liked to make their own fun.

(You won’t believe what happens next!)

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  1. April 22, 2020 5:10 am

  2. Liam permalink
    April 22, 2020 1:41 pm

    Woder where fliam and bulia are? I will have to look around…. Wait….wait a minute!!!!!!

  3. Anonymous permalink
    April 22, 2020 9:28 pm

    Love those cousin pictures. Hard to believe they were so little not that long ago.

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