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Taking Albert to the Dog Park

March 23, 2012

I have been enjoying the last few days with a dog-sitting assignment.  When my daughter (name is being omitted to protect her privacy) asked us to watch Albert for a few days I thought “No problem”.  I am now at home and have more time so watching Albert would be a nice diversion.  The plan was – he eats in the morning 6:30-8:00am, eats in the evening 4:00-5:00pm, and he needs to go out to potty at least 4 times a day.  Sounds easy…


For those who know Albert, they know he is a quiet, easy-going dog.  He likes to sleep and sleep and sleep.  Watching him should have been the easiest thing ever.

It is true, Albert does like to sleep – but his favorite time to sleep is during the day.  The first couple of nights he was up and down and busy making noises, wanting to get in the human’s bed – – and between midnight and 1:00am he finally settled down.  Since he stayed up late it seemed reasonable that we would catch a break the following morning.  Not so.  He must have dreamed about food so he got up at 4:00am.  And he was so energized wanting food that we could not stay in bed.  So, the early bird shift started at 4:00am with feeding, then taking Albert out to make potty (more on this below), etc.  After a couple of days of this he settled down and slept until 5:00am.  For those concerned about Albert’s health, don’t worry.  He caught up on his sleep during the day!

Now, regarding potty time.  Albert is a can’t-make-up-his-mind sort of dog.  It was difficult to get him out the door at 4:00am, but, since he had finished his meal I took him to the back yard.  He just stood there looking at me in the dark probably wondering “whut up?”  Finally, he wandered around, sniffing all over the yard.  Unfortunately, during some of these mornings while I waited on Mr. Pokey, it started to rain (and I am just in my PJs)… and he just could not make up his mind.  Sometimes this potty ritual took as much as 35 minutes and I have video below to prove my claim.

Some may wonder why we were out in the back yard so early???  Well, our instructions said to bring him out to make potty after we fed him.  And I fed him early to get him to settle down.  It was impossible to sleep with a hyper-excited dog trying to jump into bed at 4:00am.  Food seemed to be the one thing that settled him down.  But, the instructions said to bring him to go potty after he ate – – but he was not ready to make potty at 4:00am.  Looking back, he main interest never was making potty.  All he wanted to do was eat, walk around a little, then sleep.

So what’s the moral to this story?  Get a really CUTE and FRIENDLY dog like Albert.  That look with those big brown eyes and the affection he show goes a long ways in making up for the 4:00am potty detail – and the surprise potty deposit we found in our bathroom during the middle of the night.  🙂

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