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Turkey Day

December 15, 2009

This year we had the family at our house for the Thanksgiving meal.  I know, that is old news, but, my apologies, I am a little slow getting this Turkey post out.  

As I reflect on that day I think a few observations are in order…  

First Smoked turkey was a big hit – 16 pounds (less bones) of turkey disappeared quickly!  

Second We ARE a dessert people!!  (I know, I am the master of understatement.)  We provided a couple of pies, a dozen cupcakes and about ten pounds of snacks.  We figured there would be a couple more pies plus the traditional, excellent, delicious, out-of-this-world peanut butter fudge.  That works out to approximately 2 pounds of dessert per person and that ought to be enough for 14 people.  As it turned out, there were four more pies, a cheese cake, another cake, peanut butter fudge, chocolate cake bars, coffee cake and so much dessert it had to go on a second table.   

14 desserts for 14 people


Third We ARE NOT that into dressing.  There were 4 pounds of dressing when the meal started and I think about 3 pounds of dressing remained after the meal.  We are healthy, accomplished eaters.  This was embarrassing, 14 quality eaters and all we could do was polish off one pound of dressing.  The Pilgrims would have been shocked!  I have personally studied the situation and I think I know the problem.  As each person went through the line and they got to the brown, mushy, blobby, dressing… they looked at it… then they thought about the dessert table with yummy chocolate and sugary delights.  You know what happened.   

Why do adults get big plates and this is all I get?


So, what have I learned from this years Thanksgiving experience??  

1. We are fortunate people… we have so much food that nobody was hungry.  

2. We are good multi-taskers.  No matter how much we talk, our mouth can still accomodate food.  

3. If desserts are comfort food, then we are the world’s most comfortable people.  

4. Next year, we will put up a curtain in front of the dessert table so nobody can see it while filling their plate with the turkey and sides.  

5. We will definitely cutback on the dressing next year.  

I can't believe they want me to eat this!


6. In future, when we play our football game after the turkey and dessert meal, I will suggest we not run a deep pass route that is aimed at a tree!  My bruises are almost healed.  I know I could have caught that pass…  

Anyway, even with the surplus of dressing and the mountain of desserts and the tree that was inconveniently in the middle of my pass route, it was the BEST THANKSGIVING EVER!!  

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  1. January 2, 2010 3:48 pm

    It looks and sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving! Hope all is well!

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